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What to dispute on my credit report

Confused about what can be disputed on your credit report? Here is a helpful list. 1. MISSING CREDITOR NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER, ETC. If you would like to delete an item from your credit report and you can’t find any other factual errors, then dispute the missing data with the credit bureaus. For example: “This listing... Read More »

How to dispute a credit report and win

REVIEWING YOUR CREDIT REPORTS AND DETERMINING WHAT TO DISPUTE Step one of fixing your credit score was to get all three of your credit reports. It is recommended you start by examining derogatory items. Scan for items that are missing the name of the creditor, account number, balance, etc. Some items will have missing information... Read More »

Best place to get your credit report and score

If you do not qualify for a free report, you can get your credit report and/or credit score from each credit bureau by phone of mail. Remember, if you get your report and score from an online source, you will not receive the standardized version. The bureaus might also require you to enroll in other... Read More »

How to get free identity theft protection

How you can get free identity theft protection If you think it’s possible you can be a victim of identity theft right now or in the future you can request “fraud alert” on your credit file and get a free copy of all three of your credit reports. After the fraud alert has been placed... Read More »

Get your credit report from all three bureaus for free

How to get your credit reports for free There is one government sponsored source that will give you a FREE COPY of your credit reports! You can request a copy of your credit reports by calling the Annual Credit Report Service at 1-877-322-8228. You will receive each bureau’s “standardized” report. But be aware that if... Read More »